"There is no such thing as a stupid question." - Anon

What age are your games suitable for?

All of our games are suitable for anyone aged 5+ and provide a fun way to help younger children with basic maths.  Unfortunately they are not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to the small parts.

What size dice come with your games?

Vexed® comes with a set of 12 full size dice (i.e. 15-16mm) and Red Hot Farkle® comes with a set of 6 full size dice (i.e. 15-16mm).

Why do differently themed sets have different prices?

We make a fixed profit on all of our games and so any price differences are due to the wholesale cost of the dice themselves.  As a general rule, dice with a non-standard appearance such as marbled, frosted or gem cost us more to buy than standard dice.

Who is the avatar on your home page?

Her name is Saikoro, which is the Japanese word for dice.  We wanted our company to have a face and an Anime character seemed to fit well with our ethos.

What is the Japanese text on your home page?

The Japanese text says "Saikoro", which is the Japanese word for dice and also the name our our avatar.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver anywhere in the world.  Shipping within the UK is free, with shipping for other regions being calculated at checkout.

Are loose dice only available in the quantites listed?

Do you offer a bulk discount?

Can I mix and match loose dice of different colours?

We are always happy to discuss a custom order and may be able to offer a discount if you are buying in bulk.  Please contact us with your requirements,

I want a Vexed® / Red Hot Farkle® set with a specific colour theme but I can't find it in your shop.  Will you make it for me and how much will it cost?

We would be very happy to make a set to your requirements.  The cost will be approximately the same as an equivalent set in our shop and is largely dependent upon the style of dice that you require.